Culture, politics and innovation in global corporations.

Every day we hear about awesome corporative cultures where innovation flourishes and the people function is in the inclusive way. They are the so-called “great place to work”, but can you achieve those levels in your current job or is just reserved for innovative startups or high-tech corporates?

The right answer is: Yeah! You can develop a disruptive culture which will evolve into a kind-of Politics that allows to become faster in your communications and delivering times. There are plenty of books which tell you methodologies about product development, innovation cycles, even how to create powerful teams, the real issue is that unless you are a mid-level manager or above, is really difficult to start up that engine.

What I want to tell you is how culture is the raw material for innovation, that you would embrace politics to nurture environment and accelerate decisions and innovation and here you have 4 important takeaways for the average-employee:

  1. Focus on “One for all, and all for one”. There’s no room for you or me, people executes easily when they can’t be pointed out, address issues on processes not people.
  2. Professionalism isn’t about being serious or non-passional. People laughs when they feel safe and you can make them feel that way when you take part in their processes without being invasive, when you demonstrate being in charge and tame uncertainty. If you’re able to draw even a tiny smile from your colleagues in crisis–moments, you’re on the right way.
  3. Speak up. It’s important to communicate your concerns, visions and experience. The snowball momentum can be stopped or redirected but you have to express that, remember you aren’t a robot which delivers reports, you’re a human which contextualizes and take decisions, it’s better to express a watch out to speak about failure.
  4. Embrace politics. Maybe you don’t like burocracy or politics, but they are the playground for almost any activity. So embrace politics, executes them and reshape them.

But… those bullets are cliché right? I’ll give you some actions to develop a cool culture:

  • Ask yourself. “what is my purpose in this position?”, “who are my stakeholders?” Hint: don’t do a linear-thinking, your manager isn’t your most valuable stakeholder, remember who benefits more of your activities.
  • Chit-chat is important. Working is not a walk along the beach, why do we make rude by asking in the wrong way or not considering if the other person have a shitty-day? You can’t solve their problems but showing real empathy makes easier to get-an-deliver what you want.
  • Find and develop a hobby in your work. Do, at least, one activity per month that allows you to improve your favorite activity even if they aren’t related to your activity, try to diversify. Doing those things will make you have different points of view about the same object.

Let’s face it: You are the one and unique person responsible for developing a cool culture in yourself, when you achieve an inclusive, cool, stylish culture in you life, people will react and innovate their jobs…

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